Sunday, May 21, 2006

Eye-YEEP!!! Meeting

OK, now we've got Peanut's "IEP" meeting with the school district scheduled. I'm not anticipating any surprises, unless I manage to embarrass myself. See, I can't stop thinking about the "Individual Education Plan" as the "Eye-YEEP!" meeting. I have the unfortunate combination of an "I Crack Myself Up!" personality and just a touch of OCD, which makes it virtually impossible for me to stop making this alien yip-yip "eye-yeeeeep!" sound in my head when I think about it. Which means it will probably shoot right out of my brain through my mouth whilst I am sitting there nodding soberly in my simple-but-expensive I-am-TOO-a-grown-up Talbots Woman clothing, attempting to pass as human. (OK, that probably won't happen. However, it is highly probable that I will lay awake several nights between now and then worrying about it.)

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