Saturday, July 12, 2008

Travel Is Supposed To Be A Good Experience, Right?

Whoa. (And by "Whoa," I mean the "Joey Lawrence in 'Blossom'" kind of "Whoa!" that signifies a serious moment as expressed by a shallow person.) (Not that I'm shallow.) (I just totally suck at self-expression this late at night.) SO ANYWAY: This week of Getting Back On Schedule has turned into a week of Just Getting Through It. We returned from Ireland on Sunday with a significant jet lag... jet boost? I'm confused, obviously. Everyone kept assuring us that it was soooooo much harder going from here to there, but the trip back was no picnic, either. We left the house in Ireland at 8 a.m. (3 a.m. back home, for those of you still following this convoluted travelogue.) We arrived at our house after 6 p.m., so we'd just experienced about 15 hours of travel. Random Shout-Out Time! To anyone who saw my upset kids while traveling: I tried really hard to get them calm, but my kids? They are Emo. They just are, and I am too, and I can't imagine trying to explain that to someone who doesn't burst into tears at the sight of fresh flowers because of the BEAUTY of it all. I honestly can't imagine having one of those hale, hearty, take-it-in-stride sporty kids. My kids? They cry. They don't just cry, they cryyyyyyaaaayyyyaayy. They FEEL DEEPLY. They can't get past it, but then they always do. So, you know what? Go ahead - feel better about your little mouth breathers because they are so absorbed in their Nintendo DS games and punching each other that they barely make a peep. But don't stand there rubbing your belly and giving me the evil eye as I give my kids Baby Bottle Pops with the sole intention of shutting them up for 20 minutes so as not to aggravate the other travelers. With one hour of flight time left, this freakin' sugar rush is for your benefit, lady, and I will have to pay the consequences later. You? Can #SUCKIT.


  1. My kid has his emo moments too, lucky for me they're almost always at home. Out in public, bribery is a beautiful thing.

  2. Oy, the joys if international travel with small children!

  3. I learned on a 7 hour flight that Benadryl acted as a stimulant to my (then) baby.
    Who knew?
    I (along with all of the other passengers on that oh-so-long flight) learned a valuable lesson: test all meds at home.