Wednesday, February 11, 2009

5 Things About My Week

1. We are heavily into the Big Secret Activity I Can't Blog About right now. It's pretty damn exhausting, but I can't blog about it. Which is too bad, since it is taking up an extraordinary amount of my time and attention, but I can't blog about it. 2. I've decided I have to buy myself a Flip video camera. There are too many golden moments passing me by these days, especially with Peanut, who is a one man comedy show. My favorite new tic (maybe I should start a feature called "Tic of the Week?") is that he has started clearing his throat and singing "Mi mi mi mi MI!" at the beginnning of any sort of statement. "Mom, I need to tell you something." "Yes?" "I'd like... (ahem, mi mi mi mi MI) I'd like to have cold pizza for dinner." or "Did you know that - (throat clearing) mi mi mi mi mi - did you know that the Incredible Hulk would be able to lift this house?" 3. We booked a Disney cruise for April vacation. Shoot me now, please. 4. I'm back up 2 lbs., thanks to the evils of wine and steak. Delicious, juicy grapes and cows. Mmmmmmm. 5. Pepper is going to be 9 in a few short weeks, and I'm more freaked out about that than I expected. I've been dreaming about her as a baby a LOT lately (when I'm not having naughty dreams about bad boys) and I'm convinced that it is the prospect of Dr. V's upcoming "outpatient procedure" that is making me a little baby crazy. We are going with the old family tradition of telling the kids that Daddy is having a root canal and will need lots of rest for a day or two. With bags of frozen peas in his lap, to ease the discomfort of the... root canal.

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  1. You have a Peanut too! Ha! And I request live blogging from the Disney cruise, so we can hear about all the FUN action :)