Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gotta Keep Her Busy

One thing that has become glaringly apparent over the last few days is that Pepper's anxiety level skyrockets when she is bored. I suspect she is laying it on quite thick for my benefit, but the moaning and sobbing get to me all the same. Time flew at the holidays, thanks to the anticipation of Christmas followed by the time in PA with the cousins, and the general air of cheer and goodwill seemed to mellow her out quite a bit. We are four days into the school vacation, and she's been moaning about her stomach hurting for, uhm... hey! How 'bout that? 4 days! She's been checked out by the doctors, she's been counseled by the therapist, she's on Prilosec, her diet hasn't changed, but you'd think she was dying from the way she's acting. Which of course makes me crazy, because I wobble between "Cut that shit out!" and thinking, "Oh my GOD! What if everyone is missing something and she IS DYING?!?!" Thank God I upped my meds. On the plus side, my best friend is coming down for a visit with her daughter, so that should give my girl something new and fun to do. And although you know I love you, internet buddies, I need someone who knows me well to bitch to in person now and then and reassure me that I'm not screwing up my kids too badly.

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  1. I can tell you all that - but not like a best friend can. Have fun!