Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thank God I'm Not A Duggar

I've started writing about 4 heartfelt posts about all the different things that are going on in my life lately. I want to share Pepper's 9th birthday, and my family health crises, and the wonderful childless 24 hours Dr. V. and I shared last weekend. The Big Secret Activity That I Can't Blog About is in full swing, however, and that means seven 3rd graders at my house multiple times a week, with me as their only guide. I have a new respect for those Duggar people right about now. I'm only dealing with lots of extra kids about 5 hours a week, and despite her curling-iron winged hair and mysterious and/or obligatory sexual attraction to her husband, Michelle Duggar is obviously in far more control of her life than I these days. Then again, my parole is mid-March, when the regional competition will (hopefully) eliminate us from progressing further... and Michelle Duggar is stuck with that many kids for life. Is it wrong to be immensely cheered by that thought?


  1. I love having 3 kids, but 16+? No way, no how. I'm sure she loves her kids but I'd never ever want that.

  2. Not at all! Even looking at that many children makes me consider a hysterectomy.