Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy "Mommy's Turn with the Wii" Day!

Friday night the kids ceremoniously presented us with a big chunk of money they had saved up, so we went out and bought a Wii on Saturday morning. We told them at the beginning of the year that if they wanted a Wii, they would have to save up a reasonable amount of money (half the cost) and we would pay the other half. I am now officially the least interesting thing happening in the house. Three cheers for the Wii! The tally for last week was 1 surgical procedure, 2 evening meetings plus 1 night out to dinner with a friend, 3 various medical, dental or personal grooming appointments, 6 hours of volunteer work, and approximately 47 conversations about Peanut's latest obsession, cemeteries. I also discovered that my children have decided that "hell" is a swear word and now they call the devil's playground "anti-heaven." Needless to say, we had a quiet and relaxing weekend, since I barely saw the kids for 2 days. This week is busy, too, but not AS busy. This week is more of a "busy enough to keep me showered and dressed nicely" week instead of a "busy enough to break out the Ativan so I can sleep at night 'cause my brain don't want to shut down" week like I just had. Today, I spent my kid-free morning playing the Wii and Wii Fit by myself, and it was fun. It is supremely satisfying to KO the opponent dude in the Wii Sports Boxing game, especially when using my true-to-life measurements Mii avatar. That's right - little short fat middle-aged woman is kickin' your ass, boxing dude! The kids have also been having fun with the Flip video camera. Unfortunately, most of the clips look like this one that Peanut shot while spinning in a circle in the living room. You can hear me warning him that if he falls over with the Flip, he is done playing with it. I don't even know why I told him that, because he NEVER gets dizzy. He can spin and spin and spin for minutes at a time and while it is a tad nausea inducing to watch him, it practically made me car-sick to experience it from his perspective:


  1. I bet your Mii is cute - just like you. :)

  2. He can spin and not get dizzy? You don't need a Wii. You need expensive figure skating lessons for him!