Thursday, March 26, 2009


I pulled an index card out of Pepper's backpack yesterday, and on it she had scrawled: The bear saw me bare. The horse sounds very hoarse. That man is bolder than a boulder. Why is that person roaming Rome? I took a nap with my knapsack. I put a stake in my steak. This suite is so SWEET! My nose knows that there is a stake in a steak nearby. At bedtime, Pep and I began to plan a homophone vacation to Rome where we would stay in a SWEET suite with our knapsacks and eat steak, and try to work all the other homophones into our vacation itinerary. It sounds like a kick-ass vacation to me, except for those pervy bears. We'll have to make sure the curtains in the suite are properly closed, I guess.


  1. Pack a pair of pears for your continental breakfast, and then tour around to find bizarre bazaars.

  2. Pervy bears, ha! That's the one I got stuck on as well. LOL!