Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Little Random Tonight, Are We?

Peanut nearly killed me with the adorable tonight. He kept yammering on about his class visit to the fire station last fall. I don't know what prompted the re-telling of the walk to the fire station or the description of the fire station, but the pay-off for tuning him out as he rattled on and on and on about all that was his narration of what happened once the kids were crammed into the paramedic truck. 10 minutes of brain-damaging repetitive prattle, and 30 seconds of AWESOME. At the end of his extensive story of the field trip, he described for us how they "hooked up (one of his friends) to a machine. Then he said, "It showed us..." and stopped and made a heart monitor flat line/up and down/flat line heart beat motion with his finger. "It showed us his HARD DRIVE." _____________ You know what? I'm getting sick and tired of all the lovely-dovey family crap on this website. So, in other news: What are your chances of getting a tapeworm? Update: In my defense, I should mention that I often eat beef carpacio and have visited developing countries. You don't need to worry about my personal or household cleanliness... I hope.


  1. But at least it's a pretty cute tapeworm, as tapeworms go.

  2. I have a 30% chance.

    I WIN!

    Wait... that's not supposed to be a good thing.


    *going to wash hands*

  3. If its the hard drive thing disturbing Flutter, I wish I were disturbed as well -- but I can totally see my electronic-addicted kids saying something like that. Unfortunately.

    If it's the tapeworm, well.... me, too. There's just something about a tapeworm....

    (p.s. I sweartagad my word verification down there is 'paisick.' Heh.)

  4. I'm hoping I get a tapeworm. Maybe I'll lose some weight.