Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy April Fools' Day!

This was the first year the kids had any interest in planning some pranks for April Fools' Day, and the person they most wanted to prank was their dad. I took them to the store after school yesterday, where they chose a pair of ridiculous looking (and extremely tight) underwear and picked out the ugliest $7 tie they could find: The plan was to wait until Dr. V. set out his clothes for today and then hide all of his underwear and ties, leaving only the newly purchased replacements for him to wear. Oh, and we also squirted toothpaste behind the handle of the shower door. This morning, the kids started giggling as soon as they heard him start up the shower, and by the time he came out of the bedroom I seriously thought they were going to wet themselves. He played along and pretended to be very confused about his sticky fingers and newly tight underwear, but the hilarity truly peaked when the kids heard him bellowing from the garage, "Call the police! Someone vandalized my car! It's the most horrible thing I've ever seen!" It was all very cute. I'm sure I won't feel like this once the kids are Teenaged Mutant Ninja Liars, but right now it is freakin' adorable when they try to cover up stuff like this. They are really, really, REALLY shite at keeping secrets, so Dr. V. and I often have to pretend that we are dumber than a bag of hammers. (Pause... why yes, that WAS nice of me to give you this moment to insert your very own smart ass thoughts right here!) Last night, though, it was all up to Dr. V. to pretend stupidity. Pepper kept making excuses for why we were out in the garage, like "Mom had a really interesting... uhm... SHOEBOX she wanted us to look at in the garage." She must have made about 57 excuses for what we were up to, each as believable as the next. Meaning "not at all believable." And Peanut? Well, he just waited until bedtime, when he snuggled up to his dad for a hug and kiss and said, "Goodnight, Dad. We TOTALLY didn't put Yankees magnets all over your car."


  1. Priceless!

    My kids can't keep a secret for one second without telling you they have a secret - or - telling you what the secret is and adding that IT IS a secret thereby making it all okay that they told it.

  2. My kids really wanted to do April Fools Day this year for the first time too--they seem to have picked it up from the Disney Channel, oddly enough.

    Last night when I came home, they asked me what kind of cereal I was going to have for breakfast today--and then when I opened the box this morning, they had swapped it with another cereal.

    They also hid landisdad's toothbrush, and left him a note that said, "April Fools! Love, the Pranksters," which made me wonder if Ken Kesey was somewhere about.

  3. Great pranks!! I had a sick kid this year so April Fool's kind of passed us by. sigh.

    Thanks for letting me relive yours!

  4. Even if they gave it away, it still sounds like they had fun with it! And the Yankees on the car really was funny.