Friday, June 05, 2009

COUGH. No, Really - I'm Fine! COUGH!

I finally got in to see the nurse practitioner, who put me on a steroid regimen. This is excellent timing, as I have a lot to do before school lets out in two weeks and steroids are sooooo much easier on my stomach than copious cups of coffee. Less fattening, too. I am enjoying the beautiful early summer weather more than I have for years. One part of it is that Peanut's allergies seem to have settled down after a rough start to the season a month ago. He is still itchy-eyed and a little crabby, but the general mucous threat level is hovering at yellow. Another part of the outdoor enjoyment is that a friend and I have managed to cobble together a walking routine, whether it be once or twice or more (<-- optimism) times a week. It's been really nice to enjoy the sun and I barely noticing I'm exercising since I'm so busy yapping with my friend. But really, I think the biggest part of this outdoors appreciation is thanks to last year's bug-fest. I'm just happy to go outside without being swarmed by cicadas launching themselves into my face, and whoa! The lack of noise! Unlike last year, it's actually quiet out, for the most part. Well, the woodpeckers are back, and I know in the past I've given them a bad rap. While I'm not thrilled when they decide to pound on on the gutters at 6:30 a.m. to announce that all the ladies love their sugar lumps, after the constant mind-numbing cicada song last year, a few rat-a-tat-tats aren't so bad. Plus, I get a little charge out of going outside and yelling at them and watching them fly away in fear of my wrath. It's not often I get to strike fear into any type of creature's heart. (Not that I've got power issues or anything.) As usual with my random writing and editing style, I'm not exactly sure how this post morphed from chronic coughing to my need to dominate woodland creatures, when what I was planning to write about was all the fun autistic spectrum behavior we've been attempting to manage lately. In combination with the cough that won't quit, dealing with all sorts of new fun stuff with Peanut has been keeping me firmly in the real world instead of spending time online. But honestly - I'm so sick of it in my daily life, the last thing I want to do is sit here and write about it right now. Autism, schmautism - I've had my fill over the last few weeks, with the IEPs and the school meetings and the new coping strategies and the bad behavior reports from school and the general pissiness of my ASD child BOTH of my children as school winds down for the year. It makes my brain hurt when I think about it all. The woodpeckers are quiet right now, but we've got a shitload of nature behind the house. I should probably go find a squirrel or something to scream at, huh? Oh, wait - that reminds me of one of my old favorites: Rick's Custom Squirrels! I'll just make sure not to yell one of this little guy's buddies: (Don't you just love the cigarette?)


  1. Is that a Guardian Angels beret?

  2. "I'm not exactly sure how this post morphed..."

    You've just described my entire blog.

  3. So sorry, I know this wasn't really the point (hope you're feeling better btw!) but that squirrel picture is both disturbing and hilarious. Probably to normal people just hilarious, but I was under siege by squirrels in my last flat.... :-) Christine