Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Oh, My Poor Ears

Just a few minutes and I'm off to Pepper's school music program, to see the 3rd & 4th grades play their recorders and sing. I have very, very, very low expectations about this little event based on things Pepper has told me. My sneaking suspicion is that it's going to be... pathetic. Here's why: Pepper came home and told me,"Mrs. Music Teacher yelled at us because only two kids in the entire 3rd grade knew how to play all the songs." This was last week, by the way. Do any recorders or music ever come home with the kids to practice? Nope. How often do they have music? Once a week, for an hour. How much of that hour is spent practicing the recorder? 15 minutes. I repeat, do any of the recorders or or even sheet music ever come home with the kids? NO. I asked Pepper how many songs they were supposed to perform, and she said, "I think it was supposed to be six." Then I asked her how many the entire group actually knew, and she said, "One. It's the easiest one, 'Hot Cross Buns.'" Thinking to myself, "WTF Mrs. Music Teacher?!? Have you not had all freaking year to teach them something - anything - and NONE of them know how to perform your selections?" I asked Pepper what the teacher was going to do if no one knew how to play the songs, and she said the teacher decided to give the two kids who did know how to play the other songs solos. So, wish me well - I'm off to watch the entire 3rd grade mangle "Hot Cross Buns" and then listen to two musically able children play every other selection while the other 56 kids shift and mutter in boredom. Fun!


  1. omg i hate the recorder! and yes, music has gotten the bum shaft in recent years but that's no reason to slack off - bad teacher!
    stuff your ears before you go!

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