Friday, September 11, 2009

Duty Calls

Once again, I have messed up the NaBloPoMoing. Ah, well. I'm still going to try to post everyday the rest of the month, but this week was a rough one. I pulled something in my lower back last weekend, and with the start of school I never had the chance to just rest and let it get better. It is slowly feeling less and less sore, but that chronic pain just sucks your will to live, don't it? While I would prefer to have another day to sit around on a heating pad and mope, duty calls. I must go purchase and deliver a peanut-safe treat to school for my son so he isn't left out with the first birthday celebration of the year. I must find some sort of sparkly gala-ish jacket to wear over my black dress to a formal event tomorrow night where I must smile and nod and be the gracious doctor's wife. I must sign the children up for various activities, and I must do this with a throbbing backache. But above all, I must remember that morning, 8 years ago, and how hard this last 8 years must have been for all the family and friends of those killed that day. I'm not really going anywhere with this, just dumping emotion and stream-of-consciousness because I really do have to run out and do all those errands now. But I'll carry those memories around with me all day, like most of us, doing our duties for each other.


  1. Ouch! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. can I just say I dig you? I do