Friday, September 04, 2009

The Last Hurrah

Living on Cape Cod, you get used to the schizoid population growth during the summer. This year, I noticed far more cars on the roads and people in the stores... not to mention number of restaurants we couldn't get into on a Saturday night. It's a good thing for the local economy and it's due to the larger economic woes facing the country, because people aren't flying away to exotic locations. Nope, they are all driving over the bridges to enjoy the beaches and general laid back Cape Cod vibe. It's hard to remember that all these people are on vacation and to remind myself they aren't all visiting with the express intention of clogging up the self-checkout lines at my local Stop & Shop. So, yay! It's Labor Day weekend! I mean, I try to be gracious, but hallelujah! The tourists are almost gone! A couple more days and I'll be able to run up to Target on a Friday without worrying about how long it will take me to get home through all the traffic. Another few weeks, and we'll be able to stroll into any of our favorite restaurants on a Saturday night without a reservation. Nobody packed in next to you at the movie theater, no stores running out of your favorite items. Nope, we'll have the Cape all to ourselves again. (Someone remind me of this post when I'm bitching next February about how there is nothing to do here, okay?)


  1. OK, I'll hold you to that! :)

    Glad to hear that the hecticness of summer coming to an end is good for you.

  2. Yay Labor Day! Now I can go back to the Cape w/o fear of getting stuck in bridge traffic.

    Also, I love your Stop & Shop. So much better than mine. :)

  3. I hear you. I'm all "yay Labor Day" so I can drive to visit my family in Maine again without getting stuck in massive traffic back-ups!