Sunday, September 27, 2009


"National Velma Officially Sucks at 'National Blog Posting Month' Month." Catchy, right? School started up and I thought I'd be able to sit in front of the computer for hours while the children were gone and we all know what happens when you think you have a chunk of free time coming up, right? Yup - more stuff comes along to fill it right up. Meetings and doctor's appointments and events and school stuff and bleargh. I missed my blogiversary this year - it is September 19th, which is also National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Now that it is past, it means I have another year to recover from hearing Peanut's favorite Pirate joke eleventy billion times in one afternoon. "What's a pirate's favorite letter, Mom?!? AAAAARRRRRR!" Maybe I can muster up some fake enthusiasm for hearing it again over the next 12 months... or maybe I can find a few more pirate jokes to teach him. We went to see U2 last weekend, which was fun. Unfortunately, U2 is probably the only band I have seen in concert over the past 8 years, so the concerts begin to feel very similar since I have nothing else to measure them against. Awesome rocking out opening, couple of songs in a row before we talk to the crowd, bring the tempo down and cue the worthy causes of the world flashed on the stage set while Bono's antics fill up the Jumbotron. Yeah, I'm jaded. Or maybe it's just my hormones, since I have yet another period - my 3rd in the two months I've been off the pill. I'm hoping everything settles down soon, and I won't subject you to the gory details but I will say that I went on the pill in high school to control my god-awful periods and I have been having some really fun ("FUN!" she says with gritted teeth) symptoms again. School is going very well for both of my monkeys. I have been able to go out walking and get exercise regularly for the last few weeks, which feels good. I have been very busy in my real life, and my blog life has suffered. I have also been spending wayyy too much time on a stupid Facebook game, as well as having been semi-obsessed with the constantly changing Facebook details of someone I knew long ago, but that is a whole 'nother story that I'll tell y'all another night.

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  1. a pirate's favorite letter is f. haven't you seen that episode of sesame street?