Saturday, September 05, 2009

Poor Excuse

Yes, this is my first "phone it in" posting for the month of September. I was lying in bed a few minutes ago getting ready to fire up the Kindle app on my iPhone when I glanced at the time and thought - "NaBloPoMo!! Crap!" So now I have 10 minutes to post something. Right now, all I can think about is how simultaneously grateful and petrified I am for the start of the school year on Tuesday. Excited because I can hardly wait for the freedom of my upcoming days, petrified because I worry about the adjustments my kids will be making over the next few weeks. I had a great coversation with Pepper tonight about how excited she is for school to start and how 4th grade was one of my favorite years. She seems happy and ready for all the changes, which is wonderful after the rough start we had last year. Peanut is going to have trouble adjusting to all the school rules and regulations, I think. We have had a busy, exciting summer with a lot of variety and not so much structure, which I suspect we will pay for heavily over the next month. Still, I don't regret not trying to force his square peg mentality into a round hole routine this summer. We had fun, and he'll get enough of the whole "structure" thing when school starts. And now it is 11:58 and I'm done! -- Post From My iPhone


  1. First of all I am seriously impressed that you can blog from your i-phone......I am all very slow thumbs, probably fat thumbs.

    Secondly, the mixed feelings about the return to school......right with you.

    Lastly, Road Runner impersonations would prove very popular in some quarters.

  2. p.s. nomoblo [?] what's then when it's at home?