Sunday, September 06, 2009

Socks and Gum and Mints, OH MY!

Oh, the joys of sensory processing disorder. When I started writing this one down a couple days ago, I actually only got as far as the title before I was overcome with the "AAARGH!" How to boil it down to an easily digestible nugget? I could say it started back in the beginning of the summer, when I introduced him to the joys of the "Road Runner" cartoons. That wouldn't be the truth though, since he's been obsessed with cartoons his whole life. So, let's just accept that the boy has his issues and move on to the specifics. He picked the Cartoon Exit up again while we were visiting my folks, and frankly got a lot of positive feedback from it. Lots of extended family saying, "Peanut! Show us how you leave the room!" because yes - frankly, he's fucking adorable at 6 when he does this shit. Everybody loves him at the family barbeque, but nobody else has to break him of the new OCD script before school starts. Nobody thinks about how this is going to play out when he is 8 or 10, except me. (The "Cartoon Exit," BTW is when he rocks his arms back and forth, lifts a leg, and then zooms out of the area. With sound effects.) The socks and gum and mints in the title refer to the fact that we ran out of one of his allergy meds on the trip and suffered through an awful number of hours on the road with him gagging himself. While I think the scratchy throat was perfectly normal, the trying to touch his "nebula" was not. It was a really hard trip home, and once we reached MA the fun didn't stop. I've spent the last few days putting multiple pairs of socks on his hands at bedtime, encouraging him to use his fidgets, feeding him umpteen pieces of sugar free gum, and loading up on tic tacs like they were extinct. Reading back over this, it may not make much sense to anyone not familiar with the quirks of a sensory processing disorder kid. But for us, it's "normal." All I can think is, "At least he's not shoving rocks in his mouth anymore."


  1. Oh, sugar. That sounds really hard.

  2. I don't have a sensory issue and I'll tell ya, I'm ready to rip my nebula off right NOW.

    I wish you luck as school approaches (luck in a nice way - I'm not being sarcastic) and I'm putting my arm around you and hugging you too.

  3. I have to agree that the cartoon exit sounds adorable, but our best friend's son has sensory processing issues (recently had his diagnosis changed from SPD to Aspberger's though), so I know how hard it is to break through some of those types of habits! Sounds like you've got all the right tools. Hope all works out for you and your boy!!

  4. Oh wow. That sounds rough. I just got into TicTacs as a sensory aid for getting my son started in an after-school program. (I pack a few for him to have with his snack at the start of after-school time.) We also discovered Wisp mini toothbrushes -- not to sound all viral-marketing, esp. since I'm posting anonymously that'd be kinda nonproductive -- but he loves the strong mint flavor, if that's the TicTac appeal. And I can use 'em a couple of times, which is good for the budget since they're pricey.

    Aww, the verification word is "blesiu." Sending blessings to you!