Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This Is How It Is.

I'm typing this tucked into bed on the family room couch. Dr. V. has been awarded full custody of the king sized bed after coming home sick from work, something that rarely happens. He definitely has the flu, type as yet undetermined. I picked up a prescription for Tamiflu for him, so hopefully that will help with his symptoms. Blergh. This after a couple really tough weeks has me feeling blue. Peanut is just so much work these days. There have been bad days, and lots of medium days, and few all good ones. Blergh. Dr. V. and I had the chance to leave the kids with his family overnight this past weekend, and we jumped at it. By last Friday, I felt like my nerves were exposed every time Peanut had a meltdown, and even 24 hours away from the kids made me feel much more centered. And now we may be getting the flu. Blergh. -- Post From My iPhone


  1. Hang in there. Hope Dr. V recovers quickly and doesn't share the flu with you and little Vs.

  2. It's always something. Having down time is imperative for one's sanity.