Sunday, October 11, 2009

Too Much on My Plate

Wow. I haven't gone this long without posting for months and months, but it's been an exceptionally crazy couple of weeks. 97% of the crazy has been dealing with Peanut, who has regressed tr emendously over the past few weeks. We think most of the bad behavior was related to a new allergy medicine we put him on, because his allergies were breaking through so badly. Remember the self-gagging? The new medicine did work to solve that issue - no more itchy throat - but the spaced out-and-emotional version of my boy we've dealt with has not been worth it. After a two week trial, we switched him back to the old medicine last night. He seems better today, but we'll have to seen what the school week brings. Hopefully there will be no more sticking his tongue out at his teachers and parents, no more throwing objects to the ground to express his displeasure, no more yelling out "OH, COME ON!" whenever he is told to do something he doesn't want to do.


  1. Here's to a really good day at school! My son already got in trouble for yelling at a kid that he didn't like him anymore. I thought that was typical stuff for a five year old, but the teacher still got him into trouble.


  2. Wait, it's not appropriate to yell OH COME ON! when something seems ridiculous? Damn.